Storypearls, LLC located in Pittsburgh, PA combines the power of custom-tailored author programs and residencies with the power of personalized, autographed books. Sydelle Pearl, owner of Storypearls, is a children’s author and storyteller that seeks to inspire as many people as she can through her journey. Three words sum up the mission of Storypearls: imagination, culture, and kindness.

“It’s important to feel the power of stories, because they have the capability to change us as humans.” ~ Sydelle Pearl

This fall, Sydelle released her latest book, Wordwings, through the Canadian publisher, Guernica Editions. This historical novel, set in the Warsaw Ghetto, shows how the power of stories can uplift people. Sydelle published her book with the help of a Kiva small business loan, which she discovered during a course at the Chatham University Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Sydelle says that the process of obtaining a Kiva loan for her business was an awakening experience. She gained support in ways she wasn’t expecting and it made her work harder toward her professional goals.

Since receiving her Kiva loan about one year ago, Wordwings has completed the publication process and is now available for purchase on Amazon!

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