Safi Juice is a local health company located in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in juice, smoothies, cold-brewed coffee and other healthy food items. Safi Juice is dedicated to helping individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle through food and activity.

“The goal of my business is providing affordable, healthy products, while making sure that the community is getting involved with what we are doing.” – Sharif, owner

Sharif Rasheed, owner of Safi Juice, is using his Kiva loan to develop a strong marketing presence and gain access to working capital. Since receiving his loan in 2016, Sharif has worked to build his brand and following while outfitting a storefront on Penn Avenue in Garfield.  Dedicating himself to marketing has helped him get the word out about his business. He aims to remind people that having a healthy lifestyle is really simple and creating the image as one of Pittsburgh’s healthiest and most affordable local juice businesses will help him get this idea across.

With the mission of making healthy an option for everyone, Safi Juice offers delivering locally to your door or business. Visit to place your order today! Check out their social media pages to get additional information about Sharif and his business and start Juicing with a Purpose today!

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