Dwight Mayo

Dwight Mayo
Dwight Mayo
Entrepreneur in Residence

Business Consultant

Entrepreneur In Residence – My role is to provide supportive information in the development of the business model; giving the entrepreneur the scientific structure of the business plan and providing a written plan to achieve the objectives. My goal is to maximize the entrepreneur’s opportunity for a successful business.

Business Consultant – Provide one to one mentoring in evaluating the entrepreneur’s business plan and recommending the next steps toward achieving stated objectives.

1990-2011 Created and operated Transportation Solutions Inc. In a 15 year period, the company grew to over 80 vehicles and 100 employees. In 2005-2006 he built an 18,000 sq. ft. state of the art vehicle maintenance and office complex in the Lower Hill District. A pride of the company was a build-out of patient delivery services for many medical organizations. This solution was highlighted in UPMC’s Quarterly Board of Directors Publication.

Transportation Solutions, Inc. was honored in 2007 at the ICIC-Inc. Magazine Inner City 100 celebration in Boston as one of the fastest growing inner city companies in America. Ranked 53rd.