Kiva Trustees are technical assistance providers, community organizations, prior Kiva borrowers, and individuals committed to supporting social good and job growth through entrepreneurship. With their help, small business owners access 0% interest crowdfunded loans through Kiva. Over 50 individuals and agencies in the Pittsburgh area have stepped up to serve as Kiva Trustees.

Trustee Responsibilities:

  • Spread the Word about Kiva – Trustees let entrepreneurs in their community know that they can take advantage of a Kiva loan.
  • Vouch for Creditworthiness – A Trustee is not financially responsible for the borrower, but should be confident in the borrower’s business plan and character.
  • Help Ensure Success – Kiva leans on Trustees to ensure that borrowers are successful in the application, fundraising, and repayment process.  Trustees track the borrowers progress as they apply, provide resources and advice during fundraising, and follow up with the borrower during the repayment process.

Trustee Benefits:

  • Increase the exposure – Trustee profile pages showcase each organization and their impact to date, and are visible to Kiva’s lenders around the world.
  • Track impact over time – Trustees can track and share data on the loans they endorse to communicate their impact to their network, award committees, and funders.
  • Invest in your community – By helping entrepreneurs gain access to funding to start or grow a business Trustees have the chance to make an integral impact in their communities.

To learn more about the role of Kiva Trustees and consider join the Kiva Pittsburgh Trustee community, visit or contact Emily Keebler, Kiva Pittsburgh Program Director at or 412-281-0102 x6.

Kiva Trustees in the Pittsburgh Region:

Thank you to all of the Trustees who are helping small business in the Pittsburgh area to access capital via Kiva.  The following are the Trustees with the most endorsements in the past 12 months:


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