Citizen Science Lab

The Citizen Science Lab is the first and only life sciences community laboratory in Pittsburgh. It was created to stimulate the urban community’s interest in STEM and STEAM disciplines. Our goal is to expose residents in the Hill District and surrounding neighborhoods to fundamental hands-on laboratory experimentation by offering after school programs and weekend workshops focused on biotechnology.

Students of the Citizen Science Lab will learn essential skills through innovative and engaging STEM and STEAM based modules designed by leading scientists and K-12 educators in the Pittsburgh region. The CSL also provides a space for students, K-12 educators, and novice scientists to develop and test their own life sciences experimental ideas.

Our after school program begins in January 2015 and will run Mon-Fri from 3-6pm.

Below are some examples of our after school program activities.

Basic Microscopy

Fluorescent Microscopy

Microbiology Culture and Plating

Microbiology Staining Techniques

DNA transformation

DNA fingerprinting

Computational Modeling of Proteins

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