Attention Pittsburgh makers and food vendors!!

Need a way to get your product in front of shoppers, but don’t have a storefront? Consider participating in a pop-up event held by I Made It! Market, a nomadic marketplace that provides opportunities for emerging artists and craftsmen to showcase their products and bring them directly to shoppers. I Made It! Market is owned by Carrie Nardini, who also serves as a Kiva trustee.  Since launching in 2007, Carrie has helped introduce hundreds of local artists to the unique neighborhoods of Pittsburgh through IMI pop-ups, such as I Made It! for the Holidays taking place in Downtown Pittsburgh on November 25-26.

“I Made It! Market provides the vendors with a chance to gain experience, network, develop their booth and make connections with other local artists!” -Carrie, Owner.

Interested in applying for a booth at an upcoming I Made It! Market? Applications for I Made It! Market at McCandless Crossing on December 10th are now being accepted. You can also sign up for MakerMail to be notified about future events. While you wait for the right vending opportunity, prepare the essential pieces of your application – quality photos of your product and booth, a brief business description, and naming of I Made It! Market on your annual or event insurance.  

Kiva borrower Eryn Hughes, owner of adventure skincare business Apothecary Muse, applied to vend at this year’s I Made It! for the Holidays event and was selected.  Eryn kindly shared photographs submitted along with her application as an example for others (see accompanying collage).

Visit the I Made It! Market website or social media pages to learn more about vending or shopping at one of these fun festive markets, including I Made It! Market at McCandless Crossing on December 10th.

Application for December 10th booth-



Twitter & Instagram- @IMadeItMarket