MoMuffins, MoFun!

GetMoMuffins is a specialty online bake shop that serves Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. GetMoMuffins offers gourmet granola, muffins and deep dish chocolate chip cookies which all come from original recipes. Robin Stanton began GetMoMuffins back in 2012, but did not become official until 2015. The happiness her gourmet food brought her kids is what sparked her inspiration to do what she loved. Robin found a niche in the market by creating a menu with affordable prices and by providing food that makes everyone happy!

“Making eating fun and affordable for most everyone is my mission!” -Robin Stanton, Owner.

Since obtaining her loan through Kiva, Robin has been able to test out various ways to sell her product and increase her sales. Robin was able to figure out what ways work best for her to produce her product, maximize profit and make her customers happy. Robin and GetMoMuffins will be moving into mobile expansion very soon!

GetMoMuffins has gone above and beyond to give back to the local Pittsburgh community. 30% of every purchase made through GetMoMuffins is donated to Focus Pittsburgh to help provide food to local Pittsburgh children.

Looking to snag some delicious gourmet treats from GetMoMuffins? Connect with Robin and the GetMoMuffins team right now!


Instagram & Twitter: @getmomuffins