Event Medic PGH is an event medical standby service specializing in safety and first aid for local events and organizations in the Pittsburgh region. Ryan, the business’s founder and owner, entered the field of public safety in 2009 when he became a volunteer firefighter and has gotten further involved since then. Working and volunteering in public safety has opened his eyes to a whole new world of giving back to his community.

“We provide an alternative to local ambulance services; we are seeking to provide more value for our clients at a much lower price.”

Event Medic PGH sends medical professionals to many types of sporting and special events, and equips them with the most frequently used equipment in portable cases. Event Medic’s service allows lower budget leagues and organizations, which might otherwise forego the expense of having an ambulance on site, to offer proper assessment and care to event participants.

Ryan received a Kiva small business loan in 2015 to cover some initial equipment, insurance costs, and working capital which helped his business get up and running. After making his final payment, Ryan applied for a second Kiva loan to help him keep up with the growing demand for Event Medic PGH’s services. Ryan is crowdfunding currently and should he reach his goal he will use it to hire additional employees in pursuit of becoming a state certified Quick Response Service.

Being a part of the Pittsburgh community has opened many doors for Ryan and his business. Residing in a sports city led him to realize the need for this type of business and has brought him new opportunities to serve people. As a member of the Kiva community in Pittsburgh, Ryan participated in the recent Kiva Pittsburgh Pitch Fest and was awarded the top honor by the guest Trustees.

Ryan is dedicated to keeping Pittsburghers safe by making it affordable to have medical professionals on standby at sporting and special events. To learn more about Ryan and his business check out their social media sites!

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