Dollar Bank Loan to Grant Program Application

Program Overview
The goal of the Dollar Bank Loan to Grant program is to connect bankers to small business owners and raise greater awareness about the loan underwriting process.

The Small Business Banking Series, part of the Dollar Bank Loan to Grant program, hosted by UI21 and Dollar Bank was designed to promote wealth creation by educating business owners and entrepreneurs on Personal Finance, Net Worth, Credit Assessment, Credit Worthiness, and Business Finance, focusing on businesses in their early stages of operation to continue to grow and maintain their sustainability.

Two (2) applicants for the Dollar Bank Loan to Grant will be selected for a $5,000 a small business loan package that will be converted to a grant after meeting program goals.

In order to apply for the Dollar Bank Loan to Grant program application you must be 1) a business owner and 2) an attendee of the Small Business Banking Series, or 3) a previous UI21 Inclusive Innovation Community-based Business Grant Competition Winner.

Application Process
Eligible applicants are asked to complete the online Dollar Bank Loan to Grant program application. The deadline for application submissions is  Monday, August 7th at 11:59 PM EST. UI21 and Dollar Bank will select five (5) finalist to meet with Dollar Bank underwriters. After finalist review, Dollar Bank underwriters will select two (2) businesses to participate in the program and receive a convertible $5,000 small business loan package.

Program Structure
The selected program participants will work closely with Dollar Bank lenders/underwriters to prepare a loan package. Once submitted the businesses will receive a small business loan. The business owners will work with UI21 and Dollar Bank to meet several milestones in order to qualify for the loan to convert into a grant to the business.

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