The 52nd Street Market is a true Lawrenceville staple. Although the business is just over three years old, it is run by two long-time residents and offers a mix of products that has been driven by the neighborhood, including fresh produce, local brands, freshly brewed coffee, treats for all ages, a diverse sandwich menu, and many grocery essentials. From the start, the 52nd Street Market has sought to offer the community a place where they could not just do their shopping, but also sit down over coffee with friends.

Market owners Dora and Deirdre quickly embraced the spirit behind Kiva’s crowdfunded small business loans.  In 2013, they were just the twelfth business in the Pittsburgh area to receive a Kiva loan.  Soon after, they became a Kiva Trustee so that they could endorse other business owners in their network.

“Since paying off the loan, we’ve been able to serve as a Trustee to two Lawrenceville based businesses; the ability to ‘pay it forward’ is a major part of our core values and Kiva has enabled us to do so easily.” – Dora, Co-owner


Dora and Deirdre continue to propel the 52nd Street Market to be a success. They give back to the Pittsburgh community and hope they can inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same thing.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by the 52nd Street Market!

52nd Street Market, 601 52nd St, Lawrenceville