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The Call to Action

The Pittsburgh region is a national model for the way that a region can transform its economy.  During the 1980s, Pittsburgh lost 100,000 jobs.  Today, our region’s economy has successfully transitioned from  a manufacturing based economy to one that is diversified and based on education, health care, energy, advance manufacturing and technology.  During the recent great recession our region’s unemployment rate was below the national  average.   This historic transformation did not occur by happenstance.  It occurred because a diverse set of public and private partners came together, acknowledged the problem and diligently worked together for decades to make that change…

Duquesne, Urban Innovation21 to launch Pittsburgh’s first maker lab

Duquesne University announced Monday that it is partnering with Urban Innovation 21 to establish Pittsburgh’s first community biotechnology laboratory space that will be open to middle school and high school students, as well as to adults, college students and small businesses. Read More